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Almanac Planting Co Moonflower Vine (Ipomoea alba)


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Ipomoea alba


Uses: Climbing flowering vine

Benefits: Produces bright, beautiful, large white flowers that open at night and have a pleasant fragrance. Rapid grower! 

Zones: 9 - 12 (overwinter indoors or grow as an annual in cooler zones)

Sun: Full Sun 

Life Cycle: Perennial (annual in cooler zones) 

Mature Height: 15' (must be provided something to climb) 

Mature Width: 4'


Ipomoea alba—commonly referred to as Moonflower Vine, Moon Vine, and Tropical Flower Morning Glory Vine—is a tropical, perennial vine that's known for its nocturnal flowering and attractive fragrance. 

Moonflower Vine is a fast grower, especially in hot weather! Expect at least 10' of growth, with some growing over 15' tall.

Moonflower produces new flowers on an almost daily basis from midsummer through early fall. 

Virtually disease and pest free! 

It's great at climbing all types of things such as trellises, houses, fences, and trees.

Ipomoea alba will form seeds in early fall, which can be harvested for planting next year. 


Moonflower Care

Ipomoea alba is typically grown as an outdoor plant, although it's sometimes grown as an indoor annual or a patio plant. 

Does best and grows fastest in humid conditions when the temperatures are above 80°F. Do not plant when soil temperatures are below 55°F. 

Moonflower loves full sun, and also thrives in partial shade. 

Keep its soil moist, but not wet. Irrigate during establishment, and during periods of drought. 

Fertilize as required, especially if planted in poor soil. It's best to fertilize Moonflower Vine with 1/2 strength fertilizer, as it's a light feeder.  Our slow release plant food or something similiar is a good option. 

This is not a frost tolerant plant. 


Size of Moonflower for Sale

The Ipomoea alba that we sell online will ship in a 4" grow pot. Each plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. 

Size of Moonflower When Fully Grown

Ipomoea alba typically grows to a mature length of between 10' to 15', and a width of around 3' - 6'. 

Additional Information

Common Names of Ipomoea alba

  • Moonflower

  • Moonflower Vine

  • Tropical White Morning Glory

  • Moon Vine

  • Belle de Nuit 

Toxicity and Risks of Moonflower

Ipomoea abla is known for its toxicity to both people and to pets.

Vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation, abdominal pain, muscle and chest tightness, and numbness may occur after ingestion of this plant, especially its seeds. 

Additionally, the seeds are known to contain lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), which may cause dilated pupils, drowsiness, and hallucinations.