Almanac Planting Co

A Late Summer Garden with a Shed and Lots of Plants

  • We are a female-owned, family-operated small business located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We were founded in the late summer of 2019 and had our first greenhouses in operation by February of 2020. We couldn't be prouder to be a part of a green, plant-focused industry—something which we feel contributes to a healthier planet and a better world.  As a woman-owned business, we are constantly trying to do our best to set a positive example for future generations of women leaders and entrepreneurs. 
  • An aspect of our business model incorporates the vocational training and employment of disabled/combat veterans. As a military family, we're happy to give those who served meaningful employment throughout their transition back into civilian life. 
  • Our entry into plant propagation and production was predicated by our love of nature and green space. We dreamed of surrounding ourselves with plants as much as possible, and being able to share our love of live plants with the world.

  • A huge aspect of our business is hemp propagation via cloning, which is something we're also very passionate about. We believe that the hemp revolution is a moral advancement towards a better and more sustainable future. We do not; however, sell hemp clones through this website. If you're interestedyou can check out our hemp clone site here, and our retail partner site here.

Almanac Planting has a Passion for Plants!

     We're here because we believe in the healing power that houseplants and outdoor green spaces provide. We want to positively contribute to this planet by providing access to indoor plants and outdoor plants at fair prices.

Almanac Planting Live Plant Held by a Woman In Front of a Pink Background

Plants for a Happy and Healthy Life!

     Plants are essential to our health and to the health of our planet. Studies have shown that exposure to plants increases levels of happiness, memory, learning, healing, performance, and concentration—while decreasing feelings of stress, depression, and anger. In fact, the sense of satisfaction and peace that we feel while working with plants is one of the many reasons that we love what we do.

Woman holding a live plant in front of an orange cream background