Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Grow Pot"?

A "grow pot" is a type of plastic container used in nursery and greenhouse operations They're often referred to as "nursery pots" and "greenhouse pots". Nothing fancy by any means, our grow pots are an economical container for our plants. Please be aware that the size of the grow pot listed on the product page often refers to "trade" size, which is not the same as actual gallonage.

How do you measure the height of your plants?

The height of our plants is measured from the top of the soil in the pot (the "base" of the plant) to the top of the plant (unless otherwise specified). 

Are printed care instructions included with your plants?

Kind of, as we include basic, generalized plant care instructions with each order. Although some of our customers have expressed a desire for plant specific care instructions to be included with all of the plants that we sell, we've made the decision not to do so because of cost and environmental concerns. Any plant specific care advice that we would ship with our plants is readily available on our website under the "Care" tab on the respective product page. If you desire, feel free to copy and print (offer valid for personal, non-commercial use only) any and all care instructions from our website.

What is your return policy? 

Due to numerous factors including the potential for pests, Almanac Planting Co does not accept returns on any of the live plants that it sells. You may cancel an order made for any live plant products assuming the order is cancelled prior to its shipment, although we may charge up to a 30% restocking fee depending on where the order is in the fulfillment process. We are unable to offer returns/refunds on wreaths, and are unable to cancel wreath orders once their production has began. We are also unable to offer returns/refunds on soil, fertilizer, and potting mix. Any unworn/unused apparel product or accessory may be returned within 30 days of purchase. The customer will be responsible for return shipping costs. You may read our refund policy here.

Is there a guarantee on your live plants? 

We do not offer a guarantee on any of our live plants. Please know that it is not suggested to repot/plant any of our plants without first giving them a few days of care and love which will allow them to recover from their shipping and relocation. We feel as if we package our plants quite well, and they typically do fine during shipment; unfortunately however, problems during shipment do happen. If you find your plant is damaged during its travels please contact us. Be sure to include your order number, and a brief description of the damage/problem. We’ll do our best to get back to you within one business day, and to get the problem resolved ASAP. Issues caused by shipping carriers and/or shipping delays are out of our control and are not covered by us. 

May I contact you with questions about the plant that I’ve purchased or am considering purchasing? 

We love to hear from our plant parents and potential plant parents! We want you to be successful and happy growers! Please email us with any questions you may have. 

Am I able to include notes, tags, or messages with orders sent as gifts?

 Yes, in a few different ways. One is to purchase the option to include a gift tag with a hand written message of your choice. The other would be to simply write whatever you'd like in the "Leave a note with your order" section of your cart, as such message will display on the packing slip included with your order when it ships.


Please Visit Our Shipping and Pre-Order FAQ Pages for Additional Information. Feel Free to Contact Us With Any Other Questions.