Pre-Order FAQ

When do "Spring 2024" pre-orders ship?

All of our spring pre-order products will ship between late March and mid June depending on the recipient's location and the condition of the product(s) purchased. Let us know if you'd like your Spring preorder shipped around a certain date, as we'll try to accommodate you. Please be aware that we do our best to ship all spring pre-order products at a time that is best for the recipient's climate and the product purchased; however, numerous variables outside of our control may necessitate less than ideal ship dates. 

May I combine "Spring" pre-orders with "April", "May", and "June" pre-orders?

We do not encourage combining various product arrival dates on the same order. Orders made with multiple product arrival dates may be shipped together or separately (at our discretion) on any of the chosen product arrival dates.


May I buy a "Pre-Order" plant along with a "Ship ASAP" plant?

Of course you may! Please be aware; however, that your products may be shipped together or separately on any of the selected arrival dates. If you really want a plant shipped ASAP, be sure to order it by itself or with other plants that have "Ship ASAP" as the arrival date. 


Why do you request that "Pre-Order" and "Ship ASAP" plants be purchased on separate invoices? 

It's because our shipping software is unable to accurately calculate the rates of shipping each product (separately) within its specified timeframe. 

Please Visit Our Generalized and Shipping FAQ Pages for Additional Information. Feel Free to Contact Us With Any Other Questions.