Investor Relations

A watered seed growing into a healthy, potted plant.


Thank you for your interest in our investor relations page! 

We like to think that growing a successful company is similar to growing a healthy plant in the sense that something incredibly beautiful and potentially massive is able to grow from just a tiny seed. We consider ourselves fortunate to be so busy nurturing and feeding our "planted seed", everyday. 

We still consider ourselves to be in the early startup phase, and have yet to take any investor capital; although we're becoming increasingly interested in pursuing equity capital in order to drastically accelerate scale. 

We've also got involvement in the cannabis space (we're behind Almanac Hemp and Everyday Cannabis). Plus, we do all of our own website development and the majority of our plant growing, too... so we're basically already vertically integrated! In other words... we're extremely busy, generalist founders who could really use some mentors and capital!

Please contact us if you're an accredited investor or firm that's interested in learning more about us and Almanac Planting Co! We'd love to chat!


Steph and Justin