Investor Relations

Five seedlings in various of stages of growth. The smallest are on the left and they become progressively larger as they move to the right. There is a line over the seedlings which represents growth.


Thank you for your interest in our investor relations page! 

We like to think that growing a successful company is similar to growing a healthy plant in the sense that something incredibly beautiful and potentially massive is able to grow from just a tiny seed. We consider ourselves fortunate to be so busy nurturing and feeding our "planted seed", everyday. 

We're still in the early startup phase, and have yet to take any investor capital; although we're becoming increasingly interested in pursuing equity-based capital as we scale as a company. 

We've also got our fingers in the cannabis (hemp) space. 

Please contact us if you're interested in investing in us and our company! 


Steph and Justin

P.S. We've also got other companies, and a business plan that brings everything together under one happy umbrella.