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Almanac Planting Indiangrass Golden Sunset
Almanac Planting Co Indiangrass Flower
Almanac Planting Indiangrass Group
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Indiangrass 'Golden Sunset™'

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Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset™ ('MNYG318153')


Uses: Cold hardy, perennial ornamental flowering grass 

Benefits: Native to America. Produces gorgeous golden yellow flowers that attract butterflies. Vigorous grower. 

Zones: 3 - 9

Sun: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Life Cycle: Perennial

Mature Height: 6'

Mature Width: 3'

Bloom Season: Summer through late fall. 


Sorghastrum nutans —commonly called Indiangrass, and Yellow Prairie Grass—is a very popular and beautiful cold-hardy variety of ornamental grass. 

This particular cultivar, Golden Sunset™, was developed by the University of Minnesota for cold-hardiness. 

It's known for its eye-catching olive-green foliage and its striking golden yellow flowers that average 9" in length and typically bloom from mid-late summer until late fall. The flowers are known to be a favorite of butterflies. 

A great ornamental grass for many different locations. Plant groups of them together to create an attractive landscaping bed, use in corner beds, with other perennials, with fencing, or to create borders.   


Indiangrass Care

Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset™ is extremely low maintaitence and easy to care for. 

Fertilizations will accelerate growth and keep your plant well fed. We suggest using our slow release fertilizer, or something similiar.

Golden Sunset™ Indiangrass may be grown in partial sun, although full sun is slightly better. 

Water regularly after planting and throughout its first year of establishment, or in periods of drought. Although this plant is considered drought tolerant, its ideal soil is moist, rich, and well draining. 

It may be cut back it it becomes too large, or falls over. It's suggested to cut back this grass in early winter or early spring. Leave at least 2" of foliage when cutting back. 

Remove and deadhead spent flowers to help mitigate self sowing. 


Size of Indiangrass That You Ship

We ship our Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset™ in a 6" grow pot. The plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. 

Size of Indiangrass When Fully Grown

Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset™ typically grows to a fully mature height of 6' and a width of 3'. The grass is typically at least a foot less tall when not in bloom. 

Additional Information

Common Names of Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset™

  • IndianGrass

  • Golden Sunset™ Indiangrass

  • Yellow Prairie Grass

  • Yellow Indiangrass

Toxicity and Risks of Indiangrass

We were unable to find too much information on the toxicity of Sorghastrum nutans Golden Sunset™. 

This study suggests that young (less than 8" tall) Indiangrass potentially contains dangerous levels of toxins that may be dangerous to grazing animals, especially after a frost.