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Almanac Planting Boston Pickling Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)

Boston Pickling Cucumber Plant

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Cucumis sativus


Uses: Cucumber production.

Benefits: 3" to 6" long fruit is perfect for pickling! Seedless. Easy to grow. Open-pollinated heirloom. Continually produces fruit from mid to late summer. 

Zones: 3 - 12 

Sun: Full 

Life Cycle: Annual 

Mature Height: 9" - 12"

Mature Width: Vine may grow up to 12'-16' long 

Bloom Season: Mid-summer. Produces fruit from late June through August. 


This early variety of cucumber is sweet, tender and seedless.

The Boston Pickling is the most popular cucumber to be pickled due to its shorter length and its smooth, soft outer layer.

Bright green 3" to 6" fruits have black spines and blunt ends.

Very high yields and will bear continually throughout its production season if kept picked. 

Extremely easy to grow. 

Harvest July-August when fruits are 3 inches long. Harvest daily. Refrigerate fruit after harvesting for best flavor.

Flower development will start mid-summer. Flowers will then turn into cucumbers.


Cucumber Plant Care

Provide at least 6 hours of full sun daily. 8+ hours is better. 

Water regularly after planting or repotting, attempt to keep soil moist but not wet. We suggest trying to make sure your cucumber plant gets about 1"-2" of water every week throughout summer. 

Boston Pickling Cucumber Plant is a heavy feeder and its fertilization with a balanced fertilizer is encouraged, especially if planted in poor soil. 

Attempt to harvest fruit daily once production begins. Fruit should be harvested once it reaches 3" in length. Harvest by gently twisting and pulling fruit from vine, or by cutting with a garden scissors. Be careful not to damage the vine when harvesting fruit. 

Allowing the fruit to grow too long on the vine will cause the fruit to overripen and turn yellow, which will signal the plant to stop producing fruit. DO NOT ALLOW FRUIT TO TURN YELLOW ON THE VINE. 

This plant often does well with tomatoes. 

Avoid planting next to potato, cauliflower and basil.

Plant 20" apart in rows that are 5' apart from each other. 

Boston Pickling Cucumber Plants may be trellised. The vine may grow up to 16' long, so a high and wide trellis is best. You may trellis the vine up and down. Trellising will decrease the leaf production of your plant and ensure that its fruits are out of the soil which will reduce the chance of rot. 

Do not allow prolonged exposure to temperatures below 60°F. Will die if exposed to frost. Often stunted by any temperatures below 65°F. Does best in temperatures above 70°F and below 95°F.


Size of Boston Pickling Cucumber Plants for Sale

We ship our Boston Cucumber Plants in a 4" grow pot. The plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. 

Size of Boston Pickling Cucumber Plant when Fully Grown 

Boston Pickling Cucumber Plant is a vine that grows up to 16' in length and up to around 12" of height. It produces cucumbers around 3" in length. 

Additional Information

Botanical Name of Boston Pickling Cucumber Plant

  • Cucumis sativus

Toxicity and Risks of Cucumber Plants

Cucumis sativus is considered non-toxic to people and pets