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Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee'

Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee'

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Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee'


Uses: Low rhizomatous flowering perennial 

Benefits: Attracts Pollinators, Produces beautiful light blue flowers with yellow centers.

Zones: 6 - 10

Sun: Full Sun to Light Shade

Life Cycle: Perennial 

Mature Height: 8" - 10"

Mature Width: 12"

Bloom Season: Late Spring to Late Summer


Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee'—commonly known as Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee'—is a narrow leafed grass with thin, swordlike leaves and baby blue, iris-like 3/4" flowers with yellow centers.

Much like Blue Eyed Grass 'Lucerne', but slightly shorter with lighter flowers; additionally, Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee' is better suited for warmer southern climates than 'Lucerne'.

Despite its name, Blue Eyed Grass is not a grass. It's actually a member of the same family of plants as an iris. This is why its flowers and leaves, although smaller and narrower, resemble those of an iris so much. 

Known to grow in somewhat of a mound shape, Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee' is easy to identify by the rhizomes that form its base and its bright, light blue blooms with star-like yellow centers extending just above its grass-like foliage. 

An ideal plant for a variety of areas, it's especially well suited for accenting walking paths, edges, rock beds, and corner gardens. It thrives in a multitude of climates, but does best in areas with hot, humid summers and mild winters.


Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee' Care

Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee' is very easy to care for and does not require lots of maintenance or attention.

Fertilizations will accelerate growth and keep your plant well fed. We suggest using our slow release fertilizer, or something similar.

Blue Eyed Grass 'Suwannee' may be grown in full sun, although light shade is slightly better. If growing in full sun, ensure that soil is kept moist and cool through the use of irrigation and mulch (or other suitable ground covers). 

Water regularly after planting until established, or in periods of drought. Its ideal soil is moist, rich, slightly acidic, and well draining. 

It's best to cut back the leaves and flower stalks of this plant in the winter, although not required.

After a few years, we suggest propagating your Blue Eyed Grass through division. This is best done in spring, and is accomplished by simply cutting the base of the plant and its roots into sections, and replanting those sections. Failure to divide and transplant every few years may result in situations of root bounding. 


Size of Blue Eyed Grass for Sale Online

The Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee' that we sell online will ship in a greenhouse grade grow pot. Each plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. Please contact us with any specific questions.

Size of Blue Eyed Grass When Fully Grown

Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee' typically grows to a height of between 8" to 10" and width of around 12". 

Additional Information

Common Names of Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee' 

  • Blue Eyed Grass

  • Suwannee

  • Grass Flower 'Suwannee'

Toxicity and Risks of Blue Eyed Grass

We were unable to find any definitive information regarding the toxicity of Sisyrinchium nashii 'Suwannee'.

All of the information we found suggested that there is no toxicity associated with this species of plant; however, nothing suggested that it's non-toxic either. 

As such, we suggest treating this plant as though it may be mildly toxic. We do not suggest eating any part of this plant. We do suggest washing your hands after handling it, and not allowing children or pets to freely access it. 

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Customer Reviews

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Rose V
Blue Eyed Suwannee Beautifully Wrapped

I received two grow buckets of the Blue Eyed Grass, Suwannee. They were in excellent health and very meticulous wrapped. Since we planted in late Summer we will have to wait to see them flower next year. They have taken well to their new home so far. We would purchase from Almanac again.

Thanks for your review, Rose! We appreciate it!