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Almanac Planting Big Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Big Red Pepper

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Capsicum annuum


Uses: Bell pepper production

Benefits: Easy to grow. Produces 5" thick-walled, sweet, delicious, crisp fruit. High yielding. 

Zones: 3 - 12 

Sun: Full 

Life Cycle: Annual 

Mature Height: 30"

Mature Width: 16"

Bloom Season: Summer


The Big Red Bell Pepper Plant is known to produce some of the largest, sweetest, and best tasting red bell peppers known to man. 

Very similiar to our California Wonder Bell Pepper; however, Big Red grows fruit that is slightly larger and sweeter, and should only be harvested when red in color.

It's best known for its thick-walled fruit and heavy fruit, as well as its sweet, delicious taste. 

The fruit is large, blocky, and thick-walled. This makes them one of the best types of peppers for stuffing. They're also great when sliced and used in any cooking application that requires bell peppers. 


Big Red Pepper Plant Care

Provide at least 8 hours of full sun daily. 10+ hours is better. 

Flower development will occur mid to late summer. Some flowers may be pinched to encourage a bushy plant. Flowers will eventually turn into peppers. 

Water regularly after planting or repotting, keeping soil moist but not wet until the plant is established. We suggest attempting to make sure your bell pepper plant gets about 1" of water every week during periods of growth.

Big Red Bell Pepper Plants should not have their fruit harvested while it is still green. It's best to wait until the fruit transitions to its hallmark deep red color prior to harvesting. 

This plant, like all peppers, is an excellent companion for cucumber!

Plant 24" apart. 

Planting with tomatoes will repel many pests and attract beneficial insects to your tomato plants.

Do not allow prolonged exposure to temperatures below 50°F. Will die if exposed to frost. Often stunted by any temperatures below 60°F. Does best in temperatures above 65°F and below 95°F.


Size of Big Red Pepper Plants for Sale

We ship our Big Red Pepper plants in 4" grow pots. Each plant will be appropriately sized for their pot. We suggest waiting at least 2 days after you receive your plant before you transplant it. This will give it time to recuperate from shipping. 

Size of Big Red Pepper Plant When Fully Grown

Big Red Pepper plant grows to a size of around 30" tall and 16" wide. 

Additional Information

Botanical Name of Big Red Pepper

  • Capsicum annuum

Toxicity and Risks of Big Red Peppers

Big Red Pepper Plants have parts that are considered toxic. They're members of the nightshade family, and produce toxic alkaloids.

These toxic alkaloids are most present in the unripe fruit, the stem, and the leaves of a pepper plant.

These parts of the plant may cause injury to a person or pet if consumed in high doses.