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Kolkwitzia amabilis 


Uses: Flowering perennial shrub. 

Benefits: Attracts pollinators. Low maintenance. Deer resistant. Produces full clusters of whitish-pink flowers. Ornamental bark. Extremely fragrant! 

Zones: 4 - 8

Sun: Full Sun to partial shade

Life Cycle: Perennial 

Mature Height: 6' - 10' 

Mature Width: 6' - 10'

Bloom Season: Mid spring to early summer 


A dense fountain of flowers!

Beautybush (Kolkwitzia amabilis) is best known for for its fountain-like growth habit, gorgeous clusters of baby-pink flowers with yellow throats, and unique peeling bark! The perfect specimen, border, or background shrub!

Easy to grow! 

Virtually disease and pest free! 

3" leaves turn yellow and red in the fall. 

Native to eastern China. 


Beautybush Care

Provide full to partial sun. Insufficient sun will cause growth issues. 

Prune to control growth as necessary for shape, size, and density. 

It's best to do any heavy pruning and trimming during winter dormancy, or immediately after flowering. It's best to trim in the early summer (after flowering) as plants bloom on the previous season's wood, so late winter pruning may prevent some blooms. We suggest cutting around 20% of the old stems off near the base when trimming in an effort to prevent the plant from getting too thick and dense. 

Water regularly after planting until established, or in periods of drought. 

Fertilizations will accelerate growth and keep your beautybush well fed. We suggest using our slow release fertilizer, or something similiar such as a suitable fertilizer stake. 


Size of Beautybush for Sale

We ship our Kolkwitzia amabilis in 6" grow pots. Each beautybush will be appropriately sized for its pot.

Size of Beautybush When Fully Grown

Kolkwitzia amabilis typically reaches a mature height and width of between 6' and 10'. 

Additional Information

Common Names of Kolkwitzia amabilis

  • Beautybush

  • Beauty Bush

Toxicity and Risks of Beautybush

Kolkwitzia amabilis has no risks of toxicity that we are aware of.