Lettuce 'Buttercrunch' (Butterhead)

Lactuca sativa

Almanac Planting Co: 'Buttercrunch' (Butterhead) Lettuce. A close up of the leafy, crispy leaves.

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Uses: A leafy heirloom butterhead lettuce

Benefits: Two or more heads in each 4" grow pot (divide before planting)! A higher level of heat tolerance than most other types of lettuce. Produces large, crunchy, delicious leaves! 

USDA Hardiness Zones: 2 - 12

Sun: Full (requires some shade in hot climates)

Life Cycle: Annual 

Mature Height: 8"

Mature Width: 8"

Bloom Season: Begins at maturity (after "bolting")

Days to Maturity: approx. 30 - 45 from the ship date (30 - 60 overall)


Firm head texture and large, crispy leaves that are perfect for garden salads and sandwiches! 

Indulge in the taste of 'Buttercrunch' Lettuce and experience its delicate flavor, crisp texture, and buttery softness! Rich in taste and texture, this amazing heirloom butterhead lettuce is sure to tantalize all your senses and take your food to the next level! 

Higher heat tolerance than most other lettuce cultivars. 

A cool season crop! Best if grown early or late in the harvest season. Ideally grown when the daily high temperature is between 60¬įF and 75¬įF. Will tolerate light frosts, but not sustained freezing temperatures. High temperatures will encourage bolting. Attempt to shade if temperature is above 80¬įF. Our 'Buttercrunch' Lettuce is a much better option for warmer growing conditions than our¬†'Paris White Cos' Lettuce.¬†

Two (or more) plants will be growing in each 4" grow pot that you purchase from us. Separate the heads of lettuce prior to planting. Space 10" apart.  


Butterhead Lettuce Care

A cool weather crop! Best grown when daily highs are between¬†60¬įF and 75¬įF.

Ideally grown in full sun unless temperatures above¬†80¬įF are expected.¬†Give partial (afternoon) shade or grow under a shade canopy in higher temperatures.¬†

A heavy drinker! Keep soil moist but not wet. Wilting and drooping leaves are a sign of dry soil. 

Harvest leaves when the plant is of sufficient size and prior to "bolting" (when the plant begins to produce flowers and stems). The flavor and texture of the leaves will begin to degrade once bolting begins. 

Leaves may be individually harvested from the outside of the lettuce head, working your way in over the course of days or weeks as the plant continues to grow. 

Whole heads of lettuce may be cut off from the base with a knife, potentially allowing new heads to regrow in their place depending on the season and the plant.

The head may also be harvested by pulling it (along with some roots) from the ground. 

Space 10" apart. 


Size of Butterhead Lettuce Plants for Sale Online

The 'Buttercrunch' Lettuce plants that we sell online will ship in a greenhouse grade grow pot. Each plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. Please contact us with any specific questions.

Size of Butterhead Lettuce Plant When Fully Grown

'Buttercrunch' Lettuce plant grows to a size of around 8" tall and 8" wide. 

Additional Information

Botanical Name of 'Buttercrunch' Lettuce

  • Lactuca sativa

Toxicity and Risks of Butterhead Lettuce 

We are unaware of toxic risks associated with Lactuca sativa.

Almanac Planting Co: 'Buttercrunch' (Butterhead) Lettuce. A freshly cut garden salad made with lettuce and tomato.

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