Creeping Jenny (Moneywort)

Lysimachia nummularia

Almanac Planting Co Creeping Jenny Cascading Over the Side of a Wooden Planter Box

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Uses: Quick growing perennial. May be used as a houseplant. Excellent ground cover! Works well for aquatic environments! 

Benefits: Attracts pollinators. Produces small, attractive, yellow flowers that have a wonderful fragrance. Cascading growth habit: excellent for walls, hanging baskets, and planter boxes!

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 - 9

Sun: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Life Cycle: Perennial 

Mature Height: 2" - 4"

Mature Width: 18" - 24"

Bloom Season: Late Summer into Early Fall


Lysimachia nummularia‚ÄĒmost commonly known as Creeping Jenny, and sometimes referred to as¬†Twopenny Grass, and Moneywort‚ÄĒis a¬†low-growing perennial commonly used as a groundcover, along wall edges, and in planter boxes. It's trailing growth habits and unique color are well suited for a variety of locations!¬†

In addition to its bright foliage, Creeping Jenny produces small, bright yellow flowers in the late summer through early fall. 

It's a fast spreading plant, which makes it great as a ground cover. If spreading is not desired, we suggest planting your Creeping Jenny in a planter box or hanging basket. 

Creeping Jenny has the potential to become invasive and take over sections of your garden. Use caution when determining a planting location. 


Creeping Jenny Care

Moneywort (Creeping Jenny) is very easy to care for and does not require lots of attention or maintenance. 

Fertilizations will accelerate growth and keep your plant well fed. We suggest using our slow release fertilizer, or something similar.

Creeping Jenny often does best when grown in full sun, although partially shaded areas are often just fine. Too little sun will cause negative growth issues. 

Water regularly after planting until established, or in periods of drought. Its ideal soil is moist, rich, and well draining. Sandy soils are also a favorite of Creeping Jenny!

If grown as a houseplant, it's suggested to place your Creeping Jenny in a cold environment (in a cold garage or outside in the winter in zones 3-9) for at least a month out of the year to allow it time for vernalization. Creeping Jenny grown in warm (indoor) environments for too long will likely falter and potentially die after about 12-18 months. 


Size of Creeping Jenny for Sale Online

The Moneywort that we sell online will ship in a greenhouse grade grow pot. Each plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. Please contact us with any specific questions.

Size of Creeping Jenny When Fully Grown

Moneywort¬†ÔĽŅtypically grows¬†to a height of 2" - 4" and a width of 18" - 24".¬†

Additional Information

Common Names of Lysimachia nummularia

  • Creeping Jenny

  • Moneywort

  • Herb Twopence

  • Twopenny Grass

Toxicity and Risks of Creeping Jenny

Lysimachia nummularia (Moneywort) is considered to be non-toxic to people, dogs, cats, and horses. In fact, Creeping Jenny is used in some forms of herbal medicine for treating a variety of ailments. 

Almanac Planting Co Creeping Jenny (Moneywort) in Bloom with Yellow Flowers Growing on Top of a Stone

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