Autumn Blaze® Maple


Uses: Deciduous Shade Tree

Benefits: Striking fall colors sure to impress! Fast growing! Native to Eastern America! Low maintenance! 

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 - 8

Sun: Full sun

Life Cycle: Perennial 

Mature Height: 40' - 50' 

Mature Width: 30' - 40'

Bloom Season: N/A

Growth Rate: Fast


This tree takes fall foliage to the next level! 

Acer × freemanii ‘Jeffersred’—commonly referred to as Freeman's Maple 'Autumn Blaze®', and sometimes as 'Autumn Blaze®' Red Maple—is a fast-growing hybrid of Acer rubrum (red maple) and Acer saccharinum (silver maple). Best known for its exceptionally striking, vibrant autumn foliage, 'Autumn Blaze®' is the new cultivar that's raising the bar for fall colors in neighborhoods across the country! 

Incredibly popular for use as a shade tree and street tree! Autumn Blaze® Maple is tolerant of pollution and winter road salts. Its fast growth will provide ample shade in no time, and its long life will ensure benefit for decades to come! 

Growth rates of 3' - 5' a year should be expected! 

Native to Eastern North America. Naturally resistant to insects and disease! 

Drought tolerant once established! 


Autumn Blaze® Maple Care

Provide full sun (6 hours+ daily). Too little light will cause growth issues. 

Fertilization is suggested, especially if soil is poor. Our slow release fertilizer is a great option. We recommend that fertilizer be applied in the spring. Maple trees often thrive with fertilizers high in nitrogen.

Does best in soil that's moist (but not regularly wet), slightly acidic, and well draining. Does not thrive in dry soil, although it's known to tolerate dry soil once established. 

Pruning and trimming is typically not required, although it may be done to promote desired shaping. Any heavy trimming should be done over the course of winter. Prune any dead branches as they appear. 

Water regularly, especially after planting prior to establishment. Attempt to keep soil moist, but not wet. It's suggested to place 2"-3" of mulch under this plant to help retain a light degree of ground moisture and to prevent the growth of weeds around the base.


Size of Autumn Blaze® Maple for Sale Online

The 'Autumn Blaze®' Maple that we sell online will ship in a greenhouse grade grow pot. Each plant will be appropriately sized for its pot. Please contact us with any specific questions.

Size of Autumn Blaze® Maple When Mature

'Autumn Blaze®' Maple often grows to be wider than tall, typically reaching mature heights of 40' - 50' and mature widths of 30' - 40'.

Additional Information

What is the botanical name of Autumn Blaze® Maple?

Its botanical name is Acer × freemanii ‘Jeffersred’.

Toxicity and Risks of Autumn Blaze® Maple

We were unable to determine if Acer × freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ is considered toxic. We were; however, able to determine that ingesting dried red maple (Acer rubrum) leaves is often toxic to horses and cattle, so we imagine a degree of toxicity with Acer × freemanii leaves. 

Almanac Planting Co Autumn Blaze® Maple (Acer × freemanii ‘Jeffersred’). A close view of the gorgeous orange autumn foliage colors.

This plant is a part of our Archived Plant Collection. Although no longer for sale on our online store, we keep pages like this on our site for the informational benefit of others. Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing large quantities of this plant, as we may be able to specially source and deliver plants for you.