Wolfsbane (Monkshood)

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Size: 2 Gallon Grow Pot

Arrival Date: Ship ASAP

SHIPPING RESTRICTION: In order for us to protect the environment and comply with regulations, we're unable to ship this product to the following state: OR

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Customer Reviews

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Barb H.
Great plant

My monks hood arrived in amazing condition for this late in the summer. The packaging was appropriate for the size of the plant. It is obvious you take pride in your plants.

Thanks for your review, Barb!


Gorgeous plant and quality company.

Lovely plants

I had a landscaping project scheduled and my original monkshood source didn't come through. This left me with a mad scramble to find replacements which led me to Almanac Planting. I was nervous about having the plants shipped across country and I was genuinely surprised by how happy and healthy everything was once it got here. Things were packed extremely well and customer service was kind and quick to respond to my questions. While the plant isn't quite ready to flower, its overall health has me optimistic that we'll see a beautiful display soon!

Thanks for your review and your business, Kat!